Best Background For Etsy Photos

Best Background For Etsy Photos

Product photography is an art that inspires the buyers to click on the product photo, check details and cherish buying it from the different online market platforms. Etsy is one of the online marketplaces that connect sellers with buyers globally. Are you a goods seller and want to add your product on Etsy to deliver your product globally? But you don’t know how to capture a photo for Etsy? Are you confused about the best background for Etsy photos?

In this blog, I will paint a picture of everything you should apprehend. So read between the lines to get into the board on learning. 


Do you know about Etsy?

Like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, Etsy is an online marketplace to draw a connection between salespeople and shoppers worldwide. 

Generally, it is the platform for selling and buying handmade products, vintage goods, Paper goods, unique items, Artisan foods, arts, crafts, and crafting supplies.

Trading on Etsy is a straightforward process. To provide good customer service and get a good customer review, the marketer has to create a product checklist and provide appealing product photos with details.

Before registering on Etsy to sell a product, you have to plan your product properly. After registering, you will get a profile with photos and details to open a shop to display your product. Since most buyers search to discover the needed product, you should SEO your brand to get the most search results. 

To attract the most customers to your shop, you must upload an eye-catchy product photo with a very good background. It would be best to take a professional touch to retouch your photo. Cut Out Image is there to ensure a high-quality professional photo retouching service at an affordable price. 

Best Background for Etsy Photos

Product photography has a high priority in Etsy to sell products. Here, the photo is like meat and potato to generate the view. During the photography, the seller must keep an eye to emphasize the photo’s background to catch the customer’s view of the handmade product or other products. 

An inappropriate background can destroy the beauty of the photo. Unfortunately, many concentrate only on the white background for product photography, but the white background doesn’t work. So, they should think differently to make an excellent photo with an appropriate background.  

At the beginning of the Etsy Journey, it set the rule to use a white background that they changed later, allowing different backgrounds apart from white. 

Now, I will share some amazing ideas for the best background for Etsy photos


Apply Simple Traditional White Background: You can apply the white background to maintain the brand context matched with the product background. Besides, some online platforms have recommendations to employ a white backdrop for various reasons, like it’s pristine & simple, it highlights the product adding a professional look. 

Apply Creative Background: If you capture a white product in a white background, undoubtedly, the product will yell to be a honeypot, saying, “Focus me!” That time you have to think alternatively. You have to pick a different color background or create one coming out of the box. In this case, avoid using fabric since it sometimes appears wrinkled-cluttered and shows unprofessionalism. Instead, use viscous paper, poster board, foam board, etc. 

Count Textures in the Background: If you are confused about selecting a color as a backdrop, you can use neutral surfaces for the product photography. Flip chart, crystalline limestone, whitewashed timber, dark-colored wood, etc., are good examples of impartial textures. Unless you select a perfect backdrop for your product, it will create out-of-world essence to your photo. 

Pik an Opposite Backdrop: If you don’t have a poster board or other options mentioned earlier, be careful to pick a background that contrasts your product; otherwise, the subject will be lost with the backdrop. As a result, it will be failed to grab the customer’s attention. 

Employ Black Background: Black is powerful enough to conceal the shadow and flaws of your picture. Of course, when you have light-colored or white products, they will be lost if you use a white background, but applying a black background will bring attention to them. 

You can utilize black color velvet fabric or a black flat-screen tablet or computer monitor to add a sophisticated view. 

You can apply black and white photography, in this case, keeping the subject in color. Do you know how to make an image black and white

Add Stylish Text: A simple but stylish text in the background can add a good vibe to your photos. Shoot the photo to contain a glance of the text in blur mode. It will create a sense of depth. You can utilize a book, comics, written papers, magazines, etc., as background to complement the product view. In this case, you cannot but be aware of font style, size, space between words and lines. 

Add natural touch: A natural background can make the photo awesome, adding an authentic look. For example, you can utilize rock, leaves, flowers, etc. Glance over colors and consistencies that make your product eye-catchy rather than a contest with it. Remember, nothing can beat nature in adding a realistic view.


Why Does Stunning Product Photography Matter? 

Picture worth a thousand words. So, an eye-catchy product photo is a compulsory option for selling products online. But, just capturing and uploading isn’t enough to get customers’ attention.

You have to be tricky to capture the photo considering different elements like background, presentation, light, etc. Then, after capturing, you must do culling for selecting the best product photo before uploading. Do you know what does culling mean in photography

Without an outstanding photo, a customer won’t feel interested in checking the product’s details. Online market, the customer can’t touch or physically check the product. The picture is the only means to convince them. That’s why they want to get the picture from all directions and want to know the details of the product, Best Background for Etsy Photos.

Suppose you want to purchase a jewelry item online. What will you do? Check the good-looking one first, right? 

An awe-inspiring product photo can aid in grabbing the attention where a bad one can prevent the sale denying the fact of how good the product is. Ultimately, without an impressive picture, you can’t dream of selling a product on Etsy, or any other platform, including your website. 

Let’s make the fact clearer with a visual presentation of data collected from an Etsy survey where 90% of buyers claim that they prefer photos most.


 Size and Ratio of Photos for Etsy Shop: Best Background for Etsy Photos

Though size doesn’t define beauty, it impacts the quality of your photo. In the case of a photo, the size defines the pixel that makes up the photo. So to provide the best photo in your Etsy shop, you must follow the size ratio along with the resolution. You can adjust the size during photo editing, but you must have a certain picture size to ensure good quality.

To make the best picture, you should keep the ratio of 4:3 that will ensure the perfect width with the height of the photo. According to this ratio, the photo will be 2700 pixels in width and 2025 pixels tall. It will allow you to optimize your photo for the website. 

The reason behind the ratio is that it ensures your pictures on the shop are not cut off. The search result is very important to grab a shopper’s engagement, and it is not possible with a broken image. Rather, a stunning detailed photo is capable of seizing the attention. Another reason for giving importance to size and ratio is the picture container of the shop. A small photo will not fit there, and for that, it will keep white space around the photo. On the contrary, as mentioned earlier, the photo will fit perfectly. 

According to the latest update from Etsy in January 2022, the ratio has been changed to 5:4 for both mobile and website though there is no official declaration on the change. So for this, be cautious when uploading photos in the thumbnail. Check the photo suits with both ratios of 4:3 and 5:4. 


Brainstorm on Problems With Etsy Photos

If you encounter catch-22s with images in your Etsy shop, this part of the blog is for you to deal with them. So without beating the bush, let’s move to know those possible reasons that prevent you from uploading images in your Etsy shop, Best Background for Etsy Photos.

Inadequate Photo Size:  As mentioned earlier, if your photo is below 2700 pixels in width and 2025 pixels tall, that doesn’t meet the ratio requirement of 4:3 set by Etsy. As a result, your photo won’t fit the thumbnail surrounding white space. Furthermore, it will create a problem uploading if the photo size exceeds the limits. For this, you have to optimize your photo using different software. Make sure, during photo resizing, you shouldn’t destroy the quality. 

Inappropriate File Type and Color: If the photo format is not according to the recommendation, it won’t be uploaded. Etsy supports only .jpg, .png, or .gif format to upload in the shop. Other formats, including animated gif files, are not supported. sRGB format of picture ensures the color of the product matches with real-to-life. That’s why Etsy supports RGB-colored images. So, convert your images to RGB and in an accepted file format before you go for uploading. For that, you need to trace your photo to convert. Do you know where is image trace in photoshop?

Incorrect Orientation of Photos: One problem with Etsy’s photo organization is that it rotates the photo automatically. But it depends on the fact of your image set with camera settings. After adjusting the settings, if you face such a problem, you should avail photo editing service. You can also take the picture again from different positions, but that will be time-consuming. So, it’s better to get in touch with a professional to resize or rotate. You can pass the buck to Cut Out Image for this role. 

Inconsistent Browser: One of the reasons you face problems uploading photos in Etsy can be that the browser you are using is inconsistent or not up to date. That’s why try to use the latest version of the browser supported by Etsy. 

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