Restore your Old Photos to make them look Stunning than ever

Restore your Old Photos to make them look Stunning than ever

Memories are to preserve and in this digital era, it is much easier to capture those never forgetting moments. Everyone has a box full of old pictures which are now faded, torn or scratched. With time, the paper pictures tend to get damaged due to the outer environment and there is no option to keep them clean and safe. But if there is an electronic copy of these pictures, you can see them the way they are for long coming years.

So what should be done to keep the old photos new? Photo restoration is a technique that is used to keep the paper pictures intact by transforming them to the digital form. Any type of damaged photos can be restored using image restoration which follows a simple process i.e. scanning the image, editing it using some photo editing software, saving it and printing if you want.

Back up the Image

Before doing any editing on the image, make sure to take a backup of that. It will keep the original image safe in case you mess with it. At times, you may feel that you are going in a wrong direction so having a duplicate copy of that will save you from losing the original effects.

Cleanliness is important

The scanner and printer must be clean before you insert any image in them. For already damaged photos, you cannot afford to add more dust from the dirty printer or scanner.

Work with Layers in Photoshop

The most amazing software to perform photo restoration is the Adobe Photoshop. This software allows you to work with layers and add multiple effects or filters in one go. Cut out the object from its background using crop tool or pen tool or background removal tool and apply nice filters to make the image look awesome. Layers are handy and allow you to do the necessary alterations without much ado.

Use of Brushes

Another editing tool is the various brushes available in Photoshop. Now suppose, you have a bad image having some patch or scratch which is not completely removable. To fill in that space, use the brushes wisely and copy the pixels from its nearby area to make the space look good and natural. Clone tool is used widely to work out on such flaws.

Color Correction and Beauty

To keep the images look beautiful and natural, it is essential to keep their white balance. Auto color adjustment tool is used to enhance the skin tone or retain the white-balance of the image.


After it’s done, you can then save the picture in the desired format. Photo restoration is a very clean and easy concept if understood once. With practice, one can transform the old images into new and always cherish the old memories even after hundreds of years have passed. It is totally up to you whether or not you want to print the restored photos. Hope you get the technique, when are you going to start then?

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