Shadow Options for Scarves

Make your accessories very thrilling, rocking and impressive just by adding shadows. Shadow has the power that can make or destroy the image very easily. If you apply them neatly and very nicely then it will be a boon for your product’s presentation. It is capable to standout your images against the plain backgrounds giving them professional and real feel. My today’s concern is to make you aware about the different types of shadows and the steps to use them on the accessories especially scarves. So let’s begin with the tutorial

You can use two shadow styles for making the looks of the scarves very presentable but their explanation I want to highlight the importance of the consistency in brief

Relevance of consistency

You have to follow the rule of consistency for the entire inventory of all the images. You have to make sure that you use same standards for all the inventory of the images which will give them professional look and keep in mind that customers also get attracted towards the professional looking website.

Natural shadow

This is the incredible style which will give your images the sophisticated and aesthetic looks if done nicely. This is very budget friendly to use as it needs only one light source for capture the good natural shadow and reflectors with that for softening the lights.

Steps are:

  • Start by creating the new layer and make that layer filled with white background.
  • Now move the new layer to the bottom of the stack.
  • The third step is to make duplicate of the layer.
  • Select the area around the scarf and after it refine the edges.
  • The selection will be useful to make the mask. Now invert the mask depending upon your selection that is of background or of scarf.
  • Go the layer top left tab of the layer dialog box to change the duplicate scarf layer to multiple.
  • Now create a mask layer which is created on the middle scarf multiplied layer and now brush away the background by leaving the shadow behind.
  • Use feathered brush to smooth everything and end this process by layer flattening.


Drop shadow

Drop shadow is another style which makes your product images very attractive by giving the imitation of the shadow as it is created by the direct sunlight. It will add new spice in the images and make your product looks best in itself. This shadow style is very easy and fast to apply.

Drop Shadow on Scarves

Steps are

  • You first have to create the new layer and have to fill it with the white background.
  • Now move further in steps and move to the bottom of the stack your newly created layer.
  • Now tightly select the area around the scarf and give the refinement to the edges.
  • The next step is to create the mask from the selection.
  • To pop up the layer style window double click the purse layer.
  • To check the shadow, open the drop shadow box.
  • Adjust the opacity of the shadow and continue the adjustment until you get the aesthetic preferences.
  • Match the direction of the light with the shadow. You have to match the size and distance of the shadow with the distance, angle and direction of the light source.
  • After that click ok
  • To hide everything from your original background adjusts your selection.
  • Now at last flatten the layer.


Don’t think investing time in shadows is waste but else it is low price of the professional inventory that you get by using shadows. If you want to do wonders in your product photography then use these shadows styles. It will definitely increase your customer shopping experience and force them to take positive buying decision.

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