Shadows for Furniture products

To display your product images like a pro you really need to take the advantage of using shadows in the images. Using shadows for the product images will prove to be the game changer which will get your more positive reviews and drive more sales to your website. Many photographers think using shadows is just a headache and will be of no use but this is not true. If you incorporate shadows in your furniture products then it will give them the appealing, and desirable look to the products. There are basically three types of the shadows that are drop shadow, natural shadow, and the reflection shadow which you can use according to the requirements. Before applying the shadows just remember the two principles:

First says that the shadows must look real and original and second say it must be same for all the inventory of images.

So let’s discuss the three types of shadows and the steps to apply them:

Natural shadow

The first shadow type is the natural shadow which is very easy and gives subtle effect to the images if done correctly. The steps for using the natural shadow are:

  1. Begin with duplicating the layer from the original with which you can move further.
  2. Now make the layer and fill the empty layer with white background and move it beneath the first layer.
  3. To select the white background make use of the magic wand tool.
  4. Give refinement to the selected edges.
  5. Now you will hide the background of the product by making the layer mask on the top layer and then invert your selection.
  6. The next step says to duplicate the product layer by having the new mask selection.
  7. Make use of soft feather brush on the bottom layer and flatten all the layers to get the final image.



Drop shadow

The next shadow on which we learn is drop shadow which you will use to add some interesting effect to your images. The steps are

  1. Start these steps with selection of white background by using the selection tool and then refine the edges of the selection.
  2. To make the background invisible just make the new layer and invert your selection
  3. Now create the new layer and fill it with white to place the background layer behind the product layer.
  4. Make the adjustments and align the chair into centre leaving the space for shadowing.
  5. Make the duplicate of the layer.
  6. Now you have to transform the bottom product layer with mask by vertically flipping it.
  7. Now use the gradient tool to decrease the visibility of the legs in case of chair.
  8. Do the adjustments with the mask and remove all unnecessary objects from the frame with the help of brush.
  9. Keep experimenting with the opacity and brushes to give more natural look.
  10. Create again the duplicate of the layer.
  11. Use the straight selection tool and then refine the edges.
  12. You have to make v selection on the front legs of the hair and then refine the edges.
  13. Darken the curve layer by first creating it which must looks like the shadow.
  14. Last step is flattening the layers and then save this new file.

Reflection shadow

The third shadow which you are going to use is reflection shadow. This is the shadow which will add drama and gives refined look to the images. Learn the steps to add reflection shadow to the furniture:

  1. Start again by duplicating the layer to have two layers of the same image.
  2. Now use the white background on the empty new layer and move it below the first one.
  3. To select the white background of the image use the magic wand tool.
  4. Now you really need to refine the edges of your selection.
  5. Create the duplicate layer by having the new mask selection.
  6. Now transform the bottom chair layer by flipping it vertically.
  7. Now line up the legs and match them perfectly.
  8. Now use the gradient tool to make the legs less taper and make it less visible.
  9. Tweak the mask with the brush and remove the unnecessary objects from the frame.
  10. Give natural look to the image by using the right opacity and brushes.
  11. Do this process for four legs and to get the final image by flattening all the layers.

Make your inventory of images very interesting and appealing by adding the shadow effects to them.


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