Smart Jewellery Photography Props – Follow the Guide

Selling jewellery on online portals is a challenging task as people are quite conscious while buying any such item that requires more investment. And jewellery is something with which everyone is concerned because the online portals don’t accept returns of these products. Now the major concern is how to sell jewellery online so that it attracts people towards it and convince them to buy the product they want. While on Amazon, there are a few guidelines which need to be followed like pure white background and proper image dimensions. On the other hand, if you have your own website, you can present the images the way you want but make sure to make them appealing.

Here comes the need of photography with the help of which you can add an interesting factor in the product and induce the viewer to buy it. Jewellery speaks for itself given the embellishment, studs and pearls embedded on it but to enhance it more, you need jewellery props and nice background. Creative props help in increasing sales and reputation in the market and also the customers feel good buying from such sites which are presentable and attractive. Now because props play a major role in deciding whether or not the product will be sold, here is a list of different types of props you can use while shooting jewellery items.

Stand for necklaces

Necklace stands are very useful especially if you have a lot of necklaces to display. The stand gives a better idea to the viewer about how the necklace will look like when they will wear it. Also, these stands are adjustable according to the length of chain so for short and medium necklaces, they are perfect.

3d bust

Another prop is 3D bust for necklaces which is a must-have in your prop kit. The bust works well for up to 18 inches princess size necklaces without pendant or shorter with pendant.

Stud backs

Photographing earrings need you to have an acrylic stand with holes in it to hang the earring. Other than that, there is another option in which you can take a picture on a flat surface after putting the earring flat on it.

Light box

Lightbox comes in handy when you have to deal with unnecessary reflections casting from around. In this box, hang the earrings and turn on the light, take a shot and you are all set to go. Also, you are free to choose the shadows by modifying the lights.

Acrylic table kit

Photographing jewelry is a time-consuming process so acrylic table kit works well. With this table kit, you can use various angles and infinite background effects. To shoot jewellery, black background is quite popular as the stones and zirconia look beautiful and enhanced against black. Also, you can use different lighting to get natural reflections over the products you are going to photograph.

Hand holder

To display the ring or bracelet, use a hand holder as it will show the real shape of the item. Made of plastic, this holder is made in hand shape.

Wooden ring holder set

You might have seen wooden bangle holders which usually every woman has. Rings are quite simple but storing them can be a challenging task because of their size. So all you can do is, take a wooden ring holder and put the ring in it. Additionally, you have the option to make your own ring holder using putty or wax on which the ring is attached. Using white putty is recommended to save the extra post production work.

Now, we are done with the props prevailing in the market which you can buy at your convenience. But what if you don’t want to go out and buy stuff? Here are some DIY jewelry photography props which you can make at the comfort of your home.

DIY jewellery photography props

White paper sheet

Take a white sheet of paper for jewellery because any other color distorts the appearance. Shooting products on a white background is not that easy and you have to use a plexiglass if you want a pure white backdrop.

Glue gun

As already mentioned, white putty sticks the items and you can get amazing photos from different angles. Here glue guns and double sided papers can be used as a cost effective option. While using glue gun, be careful and keep the temperature to minimum not to spoil the product with overheated glue.


Make a DIY cardboard for jewellery photography. Take a cardboard, white paper and tape. For both small and long necklaces, this cardboard comes in handy and also not too tough to make.


So here you can see how these readymade props add a nice appeal to your jewellery items and also you can make handmade props with the help of your creativity levels. Do you want to photograph rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, nose pins, or earrings etc.? Go for these simple to use props and take your jewellery photography to a whole new level. Since these props are easily available in the market or your home, you will be happy to know that they don’t cost much either. Use them for jewellery photography if you want to stand out and above from your competitors. Plus, the handmade props also make for a great option, most of which are very simple to make within minutes.

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