Are you sure that you aren’t Driving the Visitors Away?

Whether it is a restaurant, fashion, clothing, accessories, phone selling or politics website, every site has few rules and regulations. You are not here to please everyone but in the case of online stores, this phrase goes the other way. To attract a large number of visitors, you being the website’s owner, has to please everyone. A happy customer is not a myth and you can keep everyone happy with a beautifully designed store. Let us see if you are not driving the visitors away with these little mistakes:

Avoid Long Scrolling and Consider Adding Categories

Scrolling through long pages of the website seems challenging and to make the store organized, do consider adding categories. Just think of looking at the long brochure with no index page, would it be easy for you to jump to the desired page or course? I guess not. If your site is not organized properly, the sales will tumble down. But let’s not lose hope!

Make proper categories and add the related products in the relevant sections for the customers to find the items easily. Also, add a Best Seller or Hot Offer section on the homepage and take your sales to a whole new level.

Is the Site Friendly – User and Mobile?

Mobile friendly website is as important as oxygen for body. Nowadays, it is essential to make your site responsive to adjust different sizes and make it easy for the customers to explore your collection while on the go. Anywhere, anytime and at any device, mobile friendly websites work great. Majority of people browse websites on their mobile phones so if your website isn’t optimized properly, chances are likely that you will lose people.

Linked Buttons for Immediate Call to Action

Try to hook the visitors by putting linked buttons that take them to another page and so on. Right placement is important to attract the visitor because no one likes to browse the entire page to go to a particular page. Add buttons like Buy now and Shop now and highlight them with a different color that comes in clear notice. Get the attention you are looking for so long!

Is the Display Proper?

Now showcasing the products is the integral part of an online store. Because the customer cannot touch or try the product, make it your target to add as clear product images as possible. Visual representation matters a lot and product descriptions are the sure shot way to tempt the viewer and turn him into a buyer. Sound creative and let the viewer’s shopping juices flowing while reading the description at your site. Quality and presentation is the key to success if you own an online store. Implant shopping confidence in your buyer and earn more revenues.

Is the Website Genuine?

I bought few products from a portal and after the delivery; the items did not fit me well. So I just hopped on to the site and started looking for the support section to ask for the returns. But to my surprise, there was no phone number or address and all my money was a waste. Would you want to sound such a shit to your customers?

Only because your store has aplenty of items and products, you are not the genuine and reliable store owner if phone number is missing. Encourage the customers’ confidence by adding complete whereabouts of your existence and make the website look credible.

People appreciate such stores where it is easy to reach the customer support and chances are high of making the purchases.

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