Different Lighting Effects for Product Photography

Ecommerce store operate on a very simple mantra i.e. product photography. For the success of any online shop, it is important to create beautiful images which appeal the viewers and convince them to buy the product instantly. While research has shown that sales increase when the images are of high quality and also your portal gets shared further when you feed the customers with premium pictures.

Boring and unflattering images create doubt about your brand in the mind of your customers. People are really careful when buying things online as they cannot hold the product before buying so it becomes your responsibility to give them the best when they shop from your store. To shoot photographs, camera plays the most important role and after that lighting gives a new dimension to the shots. It is essential for the images to look consistent and beautiful when uploaded in the catalogue so here are four ways to set up lighting while photography.

Dramatic lighting

To create emotional mood in the images, dramatic lighting is a great way. With this lighting, a beautiful contrasted look of the clothes is created and when you look at the final results, the images look superb. You will see the light falling off from the lit side to no light. Make sure to keep the backdrop light low away from the subject in order to get flawless results.

Soft lighting

Soft lighting helps in pulling the model away from the background to create a natural and realistic effect. Since the main focus is on the subject only held or worn by the model, soft lighting will help in keeping the focus accurate by putting light to highlight the details. With this type of lighting, you can cover everything whilst removing any bad shadows. If you want to create different effects in the shot images, you must experiment with different lighting set up by changing the reflector position and other light lamps. If not much, you will get something unique to add to the results.

Neutral lighting

This one is the most basic lighting that usually everyone likes to go for. For the people who want to see every detail in equal proportion can choose neutral lighting as they will be able to see or show the full tone of the product. For apparels or fashion ecommerce stores, neutral lighting works perfect as the major focus is to display every inch of detail to the audience to help them take a fair decision whether or not to buy the product. To achieve this effect, you should keep the background and foreground lighting the same and to full intensity. Make sure to remove any shadows on the floor.


Shadows look bad if the customers get distracted while seeing the product. As you may know, the shadows take the attention away so you must definitely focus on keeping the light settings perfect in every sense that fit the customers’ requirements. Make the pictures nice and balanced throughout the online store to maintain a standard.

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