Ecommerce Trends to Follow in 2017

The trend of commerce is mounting high on the sky and so is the competition. It is really hard to beat an established brand but not impossible if you have the inclusive knowledge of sprouting ecommerce trends. Whether your business is small, medium or large, these trends come in handy and allow you to win over the competitors. To embark with the latest trends in 2017, you have to perform off-the-charts and expand your ecommerce business worldwide.

Saying goodbye to 2016 was definitely a mixed emotion as someone got successful and others got bad experiences. As we are in the second quarter of 2017, I would like to walk you through the latest ecommerce trends that are emerging. Sit back and adopt these trends to see your brand growing:

Sell Socially

Selling on the social media platforms is a good strategy as bringing in the people through such channels is comparatively easy. It might be hard to attract people unswervingly to the website as 70-80% of the audience uses social platforms to interact. In 2017, generating a good chunk of traffic towards the website is possible via selling the products or services on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many likely. Plan out a perfect marketing strategy to lure the viewers!

Avail the facilities provided by social channels and exhibit your talent to the world by announcing a launch event.

Go for Mobile App

Selling on mobile apps is no rocket science as in this digital era; people depend highly on the mobile interfaces to make the purchases. Other than that, make your site responsive so that people can have the privilege to access the website on the go. Smooth and easy navigable websites are welcomed by people of all the age groups. Also, when you have the mobile application, it becomes easy for the customers to view the products at the ease of their fingers.

Add Various Payment Options

What if the customer spends pretty good time at your portal, short listing the products and finally moving to the checkout page and did not find the desired payment method? Now what? You lost a genuine and valuable customer simply because of the payment method unavailability. To fix this issue, you should all the trending payment gateways like local banks, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer or else you find useful. It will bring in more leads thus boosting the sales.

Offer Quick Product Returns

Customers not at all like waiting to return the products due to fit, color or size issues. Though online shopping comes with its own advantages like sitting at home and buying things without bearing that scorching heat or chilling winters, it has some disadvantages too. A customer ordered a product but on the arrival, he did not like it. Now he, of course, would try to return the product. To earn the trust of the customer, you should offer a streamlined product return policy so that he can have the product returned without any provocation. Many web portals lack in the product return facility and here you can stay ahead of them by giving a quick pick-up option. Give your customers a sigh of relief rather than get on their nerves with the bad user experience.

Suggestive Selling

This awesome trend is going to help the portals get on greater heights this year. It is the excellent way to keep the users engaged and feel connected to the site as you can opt for suggestive selling. Perhaps, the portal will show the likely items to the user depending upon his previous purchase or browsing habits which will induce interest among them to buy the product instantly.

Create Engaging Content

To bring in more traffic, get your creative juices flowing in terms of content. Put up nice and engaging content on the site to hook the users and persuade them to buy things from your portal. Write compelling content to help them make smart purchases as the content has all the potential to stand the tough time. One of the most important ecommerce trends, content is never going to go out of the scene. Send away the professional emails and newsletters to bring people to your portal.


To crown it all, I would say that online shopping is a hard competition that cannot be beaten without smart moves. Risk factor is always on the top-notch so in order to look different, you have to follow the latest trends in 2017. Adopt these trends and let me know in the comment section if I missed out any!

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