How to Shoot Women Sandals on a Tabletop?

Shooting a pair of sandals to make your online store look professional can be well achieved with the help of this article. It is a time consuming process if you are a beginner so stay hooked and find out the right technique to photograph a pair of women sandals from various possible angles. Plus, whatever you own like an online store or a land based store, this method will help you in designing a lookbook or catalogue if needed to promote the brand.

Let’s get started with photographing but gather these tools first:

  • Pair of sandals
  • A high quality camera
  • Studio LED lighting
  • A thin nylon string to keep the laces up and straight
  • Regular tape to mark positions
  • Double sided tape to keep straps and buckles in place

Front shoot

Position the sandals

To start with, position your sandals properly on a clean and neat platform. Also, if there are any dust particles on the sandals, wipe them off with a cloth. Put the left sandal parallel to the table back and the right sandal at ¾ angle. The most important thing to keep in notice is the consistency factor to maintain a standard throughout the whole website. For that, you can make a mark on the tabletop and follow that for all the pairs.

Attach the hanging straps

Since sandals have straps, they collapse when put down on any surface. To make them look good and professional, take a thin nylon string and tie it somewhere to hold the straps or buckles up.

Style the laces and straps

Another important step is to make a nice pattern of the straps so they look appealing. Tie them in a bow or make some sort of curves whichever you like to shorten the excess length of the straps. If you see the straps or buckles are useless for the shot, use the double sided tape and position them gently but don’t hide them as the customer will feel betrayed.

Shoot the front side of the sandals and then move to the back shot.

Back shoot

Position the sandals

Turn the sandals to show the back and position the left one parallel to the table edge and the right one the same way as you did in the front shot.

Adjust the straps

Again by using the nylon string or thread, reposition the straps accurately and make sure the string is invisible in the shot.

Style the laces and straps

Keep the laces, buckles and straps nicely tied to give an impressive look to the viewers and have them buy the product instantly.

And shoot the back side of the sandals using your high quality camera. You can use tripod to get rid of shaky or blurred shots. Happy shooting

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