Learn About the Alignment of Product Images

Learn About the Alignment of Product Images

There are two things which plays a very important role for the successful e-commerce business that are accurate alignment and ordinate product Images. These are the two things which can make you successful if you proper knowledge on them. Following the rule of consistency in displaying the product images you really have to focus on the correct alignment of the product images which will depend on the preferences and branding especially in apparel photography. This is something very simple to learn but provides very effective results. Let’s read something more about it.

  1. Decide alignment standards

The first thing which you really have to keep in mind is setting of alignment standards for your apparel images. It is very necessary for consistent look that you decide same cropping, alignment and proportions for the bulk of apparel images on your website. You can set the standard guidelines which must be followed in post processing of the images by the outsourcing company if you hire them otherwise followed by you.

Discuss up on the size requirement

Size requirement of every product which is going to sell on any market place is really relevant and considerable point. You have to go for the standard size which according to the website must be. The assumed size is 1000px by 1000px at 72 dpi. You cannot make your images smaller than this size. To make your images welcomed by the online website on which you are selling it is very important that you will make resizing of images as the important of the post processing.

Discuss about the product

You also have to consider about the product while doing the alignment. For instance accessories demands more alignment options like for purses and footwear you need to make then align towards the bottom of the frame. But apparels has different alignment needs like they will look great if aligned  top to bottom  with images perfectly centered as well.

Alignment position

You also have to be careful about the position when you are aligning the object like whether it has to be aligned from bottom, or from Center or from top to get best results. In apparels they need to be aligned from top to bottom that is from shoulders to hips to ankles to get more consistent look.

  1. Alignment template will be helpful

It is advised to create the info graphic to describe your alignment standards to the post processing team in the best way. This is the simple, easy and fabulous way. You can use the guide tool which will help you in this by giving accurate spacing to your product from each side and from where you can easily position the product and do the necessary alignments.

  1. Photographing the product

By using the one method among different you can photograph your product which is apparel in this case. You can go for either live model or mannequin also. You can choose any of the method for photographing your product but the most important is that you have to leave enough space around all the sides of the images so that you can perform cropping and alignment easily on the pictures.

  1. Apply your set standards

Now when you are ready with your set standards and the photographed images, it’s time to apply all your alignment standards to the apparel images which are photographed earlier. If you really want to make our images web worthy then you have to comply and follow all your alignment standards and apply it on the web images during the post processing stage. This will surely give your images the perfect look required by the images which is to be uploaded on the web.


To drive more and more sales to your e-commerce website you have to make your images perfect by using alignment as per the need of the product image. It will make your website look beautiful and make your customers satisfied.

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