Photograph a Sleeveless Dress on a Ghost Mannequin – How?

It is challenging to shoot sleeveless or strappy dresses on ghost mannequins. A lot of expertise and professionalism is needed to shoot such dresses because it becomes difficult to adjust them on the mannequin due to no sleeves. Right set of tools and skills are required to style a sleeveless dress to enhance the appearance of your webshop. Let us follow the procedure to make the dress look professionally designed when worn on the mannequin. To bring more customers, this strategy works well.

Tools required


A professional HD camera is important to shoot quality pictures to bring perfect results. Experiment with basic and advanced settings to get the desired results.

Studio light

LED lighting is perfect to make the products shine and look beautiful when shot. The exposure, contrast and shadows look good with studio lighting.

Ghost mannequin

To give a hollow man effect to the dress, you need a ghost mannequin with removable chest and arms. A sleeveless dress can be shot only with such a mannequin as invisible product shots have to be taken.

Sleeveless dress

Arrange the dress to be shot before starting the photo shoot.

A reflector

Keep a reflector or a whiteboard so that the dress looks perfect as it cast light back into the desired areas.

Here is the procedure of photographing a sleeveless dress on a mannequin:

Choose an appropriate mannequin

To avoid the expense of buying a different mannequin for each dress, you should buy an appropriate mannequin that fits. Because every dress has different size and style, you can easily make the mannequin fit by putting clips or pins to the dress. The viewers want to see a perfect product photo and this is possible with a right sized mannequin. As already mentioned, you should buy a removable chest and arms mannequin to style the dress in a way you want.

Fit your dress

To fit a dress on the mannequin is not that challenging a task but you have to be very careful though. Shape the dress around it using pins and clips so that the dress doesn’t look too loose or too bodied. Keep in mind the shape and style of the dress and then work accordingly. Have a look on the shoulders and if needed, adjust them symmetrically using a double tape.

Style the dress

Make the mannequin wear the dress and style it accordingly to make the front look perfect. Because the viewers will see every possible angle, make sure you don’t use too many pins or clips to align the dress properly. Pull the dress from behind to show the front side in a perfect manner. The same strategy goes for the back side to ensure there are no creases in the fabric.

Highlight details with light

Light is essential to highlight the important details in order to grab customers’ attention. If there are any bad shadows that ruin the appearance of the dress, you can use reflectors from different angles to see from where the lighting looks best. Brighten up the dress using the reflector, lights and whiteboards etc.


Shoot the dress now once you are done with all the styling and setup. Use clipping path technique in Photoshop to achieve the desired results.


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