Professional Photo Editing to Lend Professional Look to Ecommerce Portals

In the recent times, ecommerce portals are a rage and people love shopping at online websites. First, there is a lot of variety at the online sites and secondly everything is displayed in front of the eyes. Anyone can see anything at any time and any place without bothering the owner. Are you busy enough not to visit any shopping mall or store to buy things? Or the malls get closed when you get free? In that case, ecommerce portals are a great option.

During the last decade, the online portals have made a special place in the industry across the globe. Since everyone is busy in the jobs and professions, ecommerce sites come as a total saviour. Now have you ever wondered what makes the ecommerce portal successful? It is the presentation and the appearance that makes shopping an exciting and popular thing. Let’s explore the points or elements or tips that keep the business growing:

How is Ecommerce Different?

Ecommerce sites have made their way towards the hearts and minds of the people. Because the sites are easily navigable, simple to browse and categorically divided, it is easy to find the product. However, it saves time, efforts and money too due to the ongoing discounts and offers. You can get amazing offers and deals online which is not possible in malls or stores. Also, the new arrivals and fashionable items hit the e-portals that you can buy at affordable prices.

To add the products on the portal, it is essential to capture the product photos first and then edit them in an interesting way. It is important to lure the viewers and push them into buying the products. It is possible only when the product images are appealing to the eyes of the viewers. No one wants to see the blurry or faded pictures, so let’s get started with learning about the image editing methods that are usually applied.

Some pictures might need retouching, manipulation or color correction. Here are the most common and used techniques for ecommerce image editing:

Ghost Mannequin

Neck joint or ghost mannequin is a technique which is used to give a 3d or hollow man effect to the images. Usually, it is applied on the apparels or garments that are hard to display otherwise. With neck joint service, the apparels look perfectly shaped and fitted and the viewers can imagine themselves wearing that garment. Photoshop is used to apply this method in the post processing phase.

Clipping Path

To remove the unwanted areas or backgrounds of the image, clipping path is used. For ecommerce portals, it is necessary to shoot the products against white backgrounds and here clipping path comes in handy. If the products have patterned, colored or bad backdrops, pen tool is used to erase them.

Color Correction

At times, while shooting the pictures, some unwanted reflections or shadows or come along which affect the colors of the image. So it becomes necessary to edit the photos and correct the colors to enhance their look. For that, you can use the auto color correction feature available in Photoshop that automatically adjusts the bad colors and tone of the image.

Shadow Creation

Shadows make an integral part of the images especially product photography. It enhances the appeal of the photo and makes the object pop out from its respective background. Also, to give a more realistic touch to the object or product, drop shadow and mirror reflection are used. Drop shadow looks authentic and makes the product look attractive from every angle.


Hope you get to know the importance of photo editing methods that lend a professional look to the ecommerce sites. These are the methods that are used widely by the photographers and ecommerce owners which keep the sites consistent. Without these services, it is almost impossible to imagine the online world because perfection is the key to success.

To achieve perfection, image editing is required and for image editing, these services are must-have. For uninterrupted sales and higher revenues, add these photo editing methods into your online regime and see how you get quality and genuine customers.

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