A Quick Guide to Capture Footwear Items for Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce sites are trending these days and it is not hard to gain success if you want to start one. Lot of items or products can be added in the ecommerce site as long as they are required by the customers. Today, I am going to mention about the footwear products, how to capture the photos and their editing in the post processing phase. Stay connected with this photography tutorial to get an overview of the ways to photograph a pair of shoes or sneakers.

Equipment required

Before starting the photo shoot, here is the list of equipment you need:

Lighting: Lighting is very essential to capture the perfect shots. LED lamps are a great option for proper exposure, colors, tone and nice shadow appearance.

Camera: The most important thing for the footwear photo shoot is a quality camera. Choose a good camera like Canon or Nikon to get the best shots. For professional photography, you must not compromise on the camera.

Footwear: A nice pair of shoes or sneakers will do the deal. Choose a nice color to make the final results look mind blowing.

Paper: Stuff the footwear with a tissue paper to keep it in proper shape. As the footwear is likely to lose its original shape, it is suggested to fill it with paper for its structure.

Tape: Take regular tape and mark the positions or angles in which you want to shoot the footwear. It will help in keeping the consistency level as you can adjust the footwear according to the marks.

Now let’s start with taking the shots following these steps:

Prepare the Footwear

Take the shoe and clean it with a cloth to remove any dust. If the footwear is of suede or leather, don’t use water on it. Tie the laces and make the pair look clean.

Position the Pair

Now position the pair of shoes parallel to each other and put them on the platform on which you want to shoot them. Choose a position which will be used for all the pairs to maintain consistency.

Back Shot

Back shot is important to show the world how the pair looks. Turn the pair and adjust it to shoot it from the back. Place the shoe parallel to the left edge of the tabletop and prepare the camera.

Take Detailed Pictures

To help the customer decide whether or not to buy the shoe, take detailed pictures. Once you are done shooting the images, you have to do photo editing like color correction, clipping path, image manipulation, adding shadows etc.

Place the shoe at the tabletop and make sure to take one shot at a time to maintain quality. Also, for detailed shots, you should capture one shoe after adjusting the positions and angles properly. To capture the sole of the shoe, keep it upright and zoom in for the close up shot.

Remove Dust

To remove dust, use some spray and make the pair look nice and tidy. Remove all the blemished and patchy particles that ruin the whole appearance of the picture. Once done, shoot the images with complete professionalism.


The key to successful photography is the post processing photo editing. Whether or not the photography is for ecommerce portals, it is essential to use expert skills to achieve the desired results. For e-retail sites, it is imperative to apply the after-effects to drive more sales and earn handsome revenues. So why don’t you head over to these tips and start the shoot? Thanks for reading it through, have any comments? Let me know in the comment section!

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