Is Shopify an Ideal Platform for Ecommerce Stores – Yes or No? Chapter 1

Is Shopify an Ideal Platform for Ecommerce Stores – Yes or No? Chapter 1

Shopify has been wooing its customers with many of the latest features and functionalities. It is definitely true! Shopify is considered as the best platform over any other ecommerce platform and has been performing well since decades now. Because I think that this is the best platform doesn’t makes you liable to think the same. So let us jump in knowing some surprising facts, elements and features of this awesome platform.


Shopify was founded in 2004 and has over 300,000 merchants who host their ecommerce stores at this platform. You can clearly guess the popularity of Shopify with this huge figure. Are you a non-coder? Don’t have any interest in programming? Shopify is the one stop solution for those who are not at all aware about programming and coding.

Running an online store is not an easy thing but with Shopify, it is easy. Without worrying about the technical stuff of running an ecommerce store, Shopify gives you the edge on building the important aspects. Since this platform is loved by many, including me, HEHE, it is never going to lose its popularity when it is about ecommerce platforms. Amazing apps and features are added in Shopify to provide a commendable user experience and help the business entrepreneurs to manage their stores efficiently.

Want to see what Shopify has in store for you? I would highly recommend using this incredible platform if you actually want your online store perform well. You will fall in love with its amazing features once you get your hands on it. So let us see what it can give you and what should you expect. Hold your breath and stay calm as this article is going to be a long one:

For Small Businesses

Whether you own a small or large business, Shopify is for all. No matter what type of products you deal in, it is a great start. Shopify just works wonders for any business, large, medium or small. In the previous times, online stores were quite less and people were not much aware. They used to shop in the brick and mortar stores because of the facilities provided there like, seeing the product with eyes, holding it in hands and trying before buying. But now things have changed drastically and the major focus has shifted to online shopping.

People are no longer hooked in to shop from land stores but due to the lack of time or efforts, as you can say, they prefer shopping online sitting at the comfort of their homes or offices. All the huge e-retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ebay etc. run their great shopping festival to lure more people into buying more stuff online. And trust me; this is a great strategy because people actually shop in this festival.

So if you are using Shopify as the ecommerce platform, things are really easy to manage. Why? Because, there is no need for huge investments to make the business up and running! With Shopify, you can commence your online business in a jiffy. Monthly payments are done and in case your store doesn’t work well, stop making the payments without any penalty amount.

Shed the responsibility off your shoulders of organizing and managing things yourself and let Shopify do it for you. This platform offers websites that have secure payment methods, look beautiful and perfectly functional. Shopify is like an obedient kid that does everything without any complaints and make you run a gorgeous website with little investment.

For Large Businesses

Hope you have understood what all Shopify can do. Now if it is capable to assist the small companies, you can imagine how it would perform when it comes to large businesses. Large associations and corporations have switched to Shopify in order to relax and stay free from the technicalities they have to deal with other platforms or developers.

By shifting the platform to Shopify, they can put in their attention towards other important aspects that might be more fruitful for the business. For the high volume ecommerce sites, Shopify has Shopify Plus option that is a subset.

To be continued…

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