How Shopify Pay and New Chip & Swipe Reader Helps Buyers and Sellers?


Filling out the fields at the checkout is the most annoying thing that we all come across. Online shopping has reached on top of the mountain that has reduced the land based shoppers to a great extent. With so much to buy online, the shoppers get frustrated when they have to register and input a lot of data to get through the final purchase.

But now Shopify has taken a step forward by introducing Shopify Pay that allows the customers to pay money by simply filling in the 6 digit verification code. This code is sent to the phone which helps checking out the site in seconds to complete the purchase. This facility will be provided by every Shopify powered store in the coming weeks and that too at no additional cost.

Offer a Secure and Reliable way to Pay

Though Shopify Pay speeds up the checkout process, it does offer a reliable and secure payment getaway. Also, it has thousands of users associated which will be increasing soon to give a better conversion rate. Because Shopify has another Chip and Swipe reader facility, it is the secured method to pay money online.

The information is stored in PCI compliant servers in an encrypted form that makes sure that only the owner is allowed to checkout with Shopify Pay.

Working Procedure

You might have heard about the cookies which save your information while browsing the internet. Shopify pay works on the same agenda but obviously with much better servers. In the first visit, you have to enter the shipping and payment details which Shopify Pay will save. So the next time you visit any Shopify store, just input the email address and all the information related to you will be fetched automatically.

Purchasing is easy with Shopify Pay as you have to perform a single tap and there you go! See your sales grow with a lightning-fast speed with Shopify Pay. Before you sign off reading the article, I would like to enlighten you a little more about Shopify Chip and Swipe Reader that has made sales easy.

Shopify Chip and Swipe Reader

With Shopify Pay in hand, it is important to gather some knowledge about Chip and Swipe reader. It is more of like a credit card reader that is quite simple to use! To get started, all you need is this reader no matter where you are. Take a look:

Get the Chip

It is an amazing reader that accepts credit and debit cards. Supportive of EMV chip technology, this reader has a secured payment option that ensures safety. All you need to do is to insert the card in the reader’s top and collect the signature on the screen.

Portable and Powerful

Unlike other POS, this reader is compact and powerful. It has the option of wireless connectivity via Bluetooth for Android phones, iPhones and tablets etc. No worries of making the sales on road when you have the Shopify Chip and Swipe reader! Also, it is equipped with a nice battery life that stands up to a week with one charging. You can do around 350-400 transactions easily.

This amazing product comes with a base that can be placed on the desk or countertop. Get ready for huge sales without being bothered about the charging as the base keeps the reader charged.

Shopify has it All

Shopify is a great platform to sell online so why wait then? Switch to Shopify and avail these benefits that are exclusively obtainable here only. Perform the transactions seamlessly when as a buyer you have the Shopify Pay and as a seller, Chip and Reader is all set.

Grab the reader for free when you download the Shopify POS app today!

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