Give your Ecommerce Business a New Dimension with Image Optimized Product Images

Product pages are the deal makers or breakers for your online stores. Since, the whole attention of the customer is on buying the products from the ecommerce store, it is important to show them the picture perfect product pages. It will induce interest among them and they might make an unwanted purchase at your site. In some situations, the customer doesn’t have time to scroll through the whole website and lands up directly on the product page. So in this case, it becomes really essential to make their shopping experience worth and valuable.

Design a beautiful product page to inculcate confidence in them and improve the chances of getting revenues much more than expected.  Here goes the series of steps to be followed before, while or after optimizing the product pages. Check them out:

Components of the Page Design

Optimizing the product pages hold an important place but don’t be too desperate. First of all, analyze the elements that you can add in the pages to make them look good and informative. Good pages are those which provide as much as information to the users as possible. There is no room for fluff content when it comes to the product pages.

At the very first, product title and overview should be quite clear and understandable for the viewer. Suppose, you have displayed a blue colored frock for the girl kid then the title should be “Blue Frock for Girls”. Such a title is easy to read as the viewer can immediately understand what’s in the page.

Next, the images should be of high quality that depicts the product well from various angles and close-ups. Zoom in the product and take shots to represent each and every nook of the product. Display the images on a white background and highlight the main product shedding enough light on it. Use proper backlight for the backdrop and also add the unique description and reviews, if possible. Product descriptions add a depth to the entire page and the customer feels confident about the product.

Create Stunning Images

Images are the first thing that the customer sees on the page even before the description. Good quality images attract the viewers and make them decide whether the product is worth buying or not. Because first impression is the last impression, images can make your online business a top choice of the customers. Text alone is not impressive and cannot talk the customer into buying the product so to be somewhat exceptional, put high definition images.

Invest in good cinematography using the right camera, decent equipment and an experienced photographer if you are unaware of how to take exceptional photos. Poorly lit photos never add dimension to the photos so to capture beautiful shots, spend pretty good of time and money in hiring a pro photographer. If the images are not of high quality, you might have to edit them because without good imagery, online business doesn’t perform well.

A single product shot is never enough for an ecommerce store because customers want to see the product from every angle to make a fair decision. Product photography showcases the product in a nice manner and makes it easy for the viewer to feel the product as if he is standing in a storefront. Also, if possible, add the images of the customers who have bought the product previously. This act will illustrate your site in a better way and people would love to make their purchases at your portal.

Take Care of the Backdrop

Good ecommerce stores have the beautiful product photos that are featured with nice backdrop, backlighting and a well designed product page. To make things work fine, having the consistent images on the portal is quite important. Professionalism depicts when the photos have white or solid background and use the same dimensions.

The photos must have the enhancing appearance and the aspect ratio must be perfect so as not to ruin the look. Because images are shot in different angles or locations, there might be a difference in the sizes so make sure to edit them all with the same dimensions. It will give a genuine feel to the customers and they would appreciate your organizing and managing quality.

Optimize the Pages for Mobile View

Last but most important thing is to make the pages responsive so that they can be viewed on mobile. Having great product photography and descriptions is not all if the pages are not properly optimized. Since people are now quite active on mobile phones, they browse the shopping sites on these devices. To offer them a hassle free shopping experience, it is important to let them browse your site on their phones.

Any website that takes more than 3 seconds is not liked by the viewers. Quick to load and fast to browse pages make a perfect combination of an optimized site. Invest good amount of time analyzing how the site works on various mobile devices. To spruce up the shopping experience of the customers, keep your product pages optimized.


I hope all these steps prove beneficial to your business and to take the shopping experience to a new level, let the customers get the best at your portal. Create winning product pages and earn the trustworthy customers who take your sales to a whole new altitude.

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