How To Add An Outline In Photoshop

How To Add An Outline In Photoshop

Let’s know about How to Add an Outline in Photoshop! Outlining is a familiar term in photoshop to transfer visual art into line art. It is the method of creating paths encompassing the object with a line. It helps pick the subject position before applying the brushstroke or other tools. It also aids in avoiding drawing the same thing multiple times if you save it with the photoshop layer. So, do you know how to create an outline in photoshop?

If the response is yes, that’s great! If the answer is negative, no problem. The blog is for you to paint a picture on it. So let’s start the journey of learning how to add an outline in photoshop

What is Outline in Photoshop?

Outline in an image is the line or group of lines that illustrate a figure. The tailpiece includes the string of the outline. There are multiple types of outline can be drawn as below: 

  • Marked sharp and strong contours
  • Blurred outlines
  • Simplified outlines
  • Complicated contours
  • Insinuated – incomplete outlines
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How to Add an Outline in Photoshop

Photography is like cooking a dish for a photographer. Looking for something to flavor up the appearance of a shape in your photo before serving it? You can do it by adding an outline.

There are many fast and precise methods to add an outline in Photoshop. 

Outlines with Selections Tool

You can create an outline using the selection tool available in Photoshop. You will get multiple selection tools options under the selection tool like the Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools, etc. Using the selection tool, you can outline different shapes like rectangle, circle, oval, or freehand and color according to your choice. Then, you can alter it into a stroke from the Edit menu, where you will get different options to modify the stroke color, type, and size. You also have the freedom to apply the stroke inside, outside, or even in the center of the selection line. 

Outlines With Pen Tools

Another method to construct an outline on a canvas is to utilize the Pen Tool. After selecting the Pen tool from the Toolbox, you will get numerous shaping options. Pick one according to your preference. You can fill with a different shade from the Fill menu, but it is better to select No fill. After that, you should set the stroke color and width according to your choice. You can also modify the line design from the Shape Stroke Type option.  You can change the outline width and color later, but ensure that the stroke is selected. 

Avant-garde Outlining Effects

While editing any photos, you can easily change the color and width of the stroke line to improve the details of the picture. The steps are as below:

  • You can employ the Freeform Pen Tool under the pen tool option for this purpose. In addition, you can pick the color range selection option if you desire to modify the whole image. You can get this option from the Select menu.
  • The picture details will transfer into stroke once you select the color range. 
  • Then you have to create a new layer for the stroke by clicking Layer>New Layer from the menu. After that, the stroke will appear in the new layer without impacting the actual photo. 
  • Click on the Eye icon of the Background layer to hide the actual photo.
  • You can now get the result of the outlined details. 

So far in this blog, I have discussed the medium tools to outline in Photoshop. Now it’s time to learn how to add an Outline in Photoshop. We can add an outline in different action parts, image subject, different shapes, text, etc. I will discuss the steps one by one. 

How To Outline The Action Image

Action can be walking, playing, dancing, etc. The steps to outline such action images are as below- 

  • Open the image in photoshop. It will appear in Layer as a Background name. 
  • Duplicate the layer naming Layer 1 by going to Layer>New>Layer via Copy. You have to duplicate it to keep a backup to avoid future damage to the image. 
  • You can use a shortcut on the keyboard Ctrl+J on PC and Command+J on Mac. 
  • Outline the main action subject of the photo with the selection tool. It is professional to use the pen tool.
  • Copy the outlined selection and paste it into a new layer naming Layer 2. This layer contains only the subject with a blank background. 
  • Go to the bottom part of the window to click on the Layer Style icon (fx). There you will get a bunch of options. From there, pick the Stroke. The Stroke will pop up in a dialogue box. From this option, you can adjust the size, position, blend mode, opacity, and color of the Stroke.
  • Usually, you will get the color set as red. You can change it according to your choice. 
  • To change the color, click on the color swatch to display a pop-up color picker to set RGB or pick a color from the shaded bar.  
  • You can adjust the size by dragging the bar right to left.
  • Only the outline can’t make it perfect. However, adding a glow effect can add zest to this dish. So, click on the ‘Outer Glow’ word from the left side options in the Layer Style. Please note, you are directly clicking the word instead of check-marking the box. 
  • Once you click the ‘Outer Glow’ word, you can find a dialogue option box containing different modification options. Here you can change the glow color to yellow by default. Modify all the options according to your preference. 
  • When you are done with all modifications, click ok and close the layer style box. 
  • With the above steps, we have outlined our subject perfectly. Now it’s our turn to accentuate our subject to be stunning. Remember, we are enhancing our main subject only in Layer 2. Therefore, hold the Alt key on the keyboard, select the New adjustment Layer command from the bottom, and pick the Hue/Saturation options.
  • As a result, we will get a pop-up of a new layer option. After adding a tick mark on the ‘Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask option, click ok.
  • Then another pop-up will appear containing Hue/Saturation options. You can alter the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness by dragging the bar right to left. You can also check the 
  • modification’s preview by looking at the bottom of the window. Click Ok after changing. 
  • Looking at the right portion of the layer panel, you can see the Layers palette where we had adjusted Hue/Saturation positioned above our Layer 2. 
  • We are done with our outline work. Now we can blur the rest of the image using the blur option. To do this, head to the Filter >Blur >Gaussian Blur. After setting the Radius of the blur, click OK. 

You have successfully outlined the image by following the steps mentioned above. You can utilize the same approach to outline any photo.

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How to Outline Text

You are preparing a photo and desire to add text. The text will be outstanding once you add an outline. It’s challenging if you don’t know the process, but it’s effortless once you go through this portion of the blog. So let’s start learning how to outline text in Photoshop. 


  • Start a new project in Photoshop. Click on the ‘T’ icon from the left window to add the text you want to outline. Pick an awesome font to make a striking outline effect.
  • Click on the fx command from the bottom of the window to open the effects menu. Checkmark the Outer Glow and adjust the available settings, including the color. 
  • If you want to make the outlined text result in an intimate part of the Layer, apply to Rasterize Layer Style by right-clicking on the Layer. 
  • If you want to do more modifications to your text outline, go to Layer> Layer Style > Stroke. There you will get a dialogue box containing multiple options to control the text border’s appearance. 
  • Adjust the text size or width according to your preference, manually put value, or do it by pulling the slider. 
  • Pick one position for the text from the available position options. You can also modify the Blend Mode and Opacity. 
  • One of the fantastic settings of photoshop is that you can fill the stroke with solid color, gradients, designed borders, even with any colorful image. 
  • You can check the output of all modification input in the preview bar.
  • After all settings and modifications, you can save the file to the File menu located at the top of the window.


Reason to Add Outline in Photoshop

A portrait captures the moment of life. It echoes emotional responses inward of the viewer for an everlasting footmark with an authentic look. The idea of authenticity can involve most photography types, even in the commercial domain. 

An immense component of making genuine-looking photos is maintaining the photo’s essence throughout the creation process. Therefore, it points that at the Clipping Path Service, Photoshop Shadow Creation Service, or any other photo editing process, one should be careful in adding or removing value so that it doesn’t destroy the ultimate goal. 

An outline can help to simplify the creation with a true-to-life look. It’s not just adding a border or line around the object. Instead, it makes the design fresh,highlights the subject adding a little extra essence that influences saying ”It’s a great work!” Remember, sometimes less is more. 

Besides, while applying the shadow creation service on your product for business purposes, you need to add an outline to your photo. Without an outline, you can’t drop the shadow. To add the shadow or do other photo editing activities, you must know where is image trace in photoshop.

To make an eye-catchy promotional photo, a business holder must add text to the picture. The text can quickly seize the attention with an adequately outlined shadow. Do you know how to add a drop shadow to text in photoshop? 

Photography, including photo-post production, is a lengthy process requiring high skill with proficiency and time. However, experts like Cut Out Image are easygoing to make outstanding photos. That’s why, nowadays, almost all businesses, other industries are seeking photo post-production outsourcing. Are you looking for the same? 



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