Make the Most out of the Product Detail Pages – Quick Checklist of 2017

Product details or descriptions are the most important elements of an e-commerce portal that help a buyer decide whether or not to buy a product. Open any e-retail store and search for the desired product. What do you see? The beautiful and high-resolution product image, product description, features and the price, right?

What if the portal doesn’t provide this information, will you be impressed with the way the products are sold? Of course, not! Product detail is the first and foremost thing that provides a nice user experience. Also, these pages clinch the SEO success score of your online portal.

Here is the checklist of all the important elements for product details pages:

Structured Descriptions
Structural or organized things are well perceived by the viewers whether online or offline. Go to any store where a huge mess is created, can you buy in such an environment? Likewise, in the online portals, it is uncomfortable to buy if the products are listed in a chaotic manner. To provide a richest shopping experience, it is essential to make a structure or proper category of the products to make it easy for the viewers to navigate to a particular product.

Also, it will help the search engines crawl your site in a better way.

Unique Title Tags
Title tags are for SEO purpose! Help the search engines find you via the exceptional title tags and display your site on the top. These tags define what the page is all about so pay some heed in adding a unique and descriptive title for each product page. Usually, it is seen that, the primary keyword is added in the title along with the company or brand’s name. While searching the product on Google or any other search engine, title tag is the first thing to get noticed.

Engaging Product Descriptions
Yet another important element is the product description that provides enough information to the shoppers about the product. People want to read the specifics of the product they are going to buy so think creative and showcase a well-done description. Also, for SEO purpose, it is recommended to write your own description rather than copying from the internet.

Previously, Google was too strict in punishing the duplicate content but now neither it rolls the site nor does it do anything good for such content. If you copy a description, you are likely to lose the chances of getting in the top results ever.

Speedy Loading
What’s more? Having a slow site will never attract people towards your site even if you own the best products of the world. I will also turn down any such site that takes seconds to load. Who has the time to wait for the site to open? The world is moving at a fast pace and people want to get everything done quickly. So if your site is taking seconds to load, it will reduce your sales to a great extent. The poor performance of the site makes people think that you are non-professional and non-reliable. Get your site checked from the developer and fix the loading issues to lure more traffic with the mind-blowing product range.

Social Media Buttons
Do you run social media campaigns to keep the viewers hooked to your site? However, it is a potent strategy used by many of the site owners who keep on running some sort of contests or events. Adopt this mantra by including the social media share buttons! While this can be a great strategy to create a noticeable impression on the minds of the viewers, your site will rank well in search engines too.

Meta Data
Other than the product descriptions, Meta Data descriptions have also gone a long way in showing your site in the SERPs. As an example, you should put enticing Meta Data descriptions in the SEO field. It will tempt the viewers to click on your site in the Google results. Even if you don’t stand first in the search results, you will get more organic traffic owing to the nicely written Meta descriptions.

That’s all! Stay tuned for more informative and interesting updates…

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