Showcase the Products using Models or Mannequin – Which is better?

Professional models are used to shoot the products and are a great way to showcase them on the portal. But in few cases, it is not always effective using the models and instead you have to go for ghost mannequins. They look good and the products can be displayed in a better way as the mannequins are easy to work with. There is no botheration of telling things to the model like pose, angles, expressions etc. Here I present why you should choose mannequins for product photography, let’s see:

No Extra Expense

With mannequins, you don’t have to spend extra bucks and a lot of money can be saved as a result. You can buy them at really cheap prices according to your needs but hiring the models is quite expensive. With mannequins, you can work anytime and anywhere without giving any overtime like the models.

Product Fits Easy

Because you can make the mannequin wear the product as you want, they are better than the models. It is easy to hook up the large apparel if the mannequin is small and there is always a way for styling using your own creativity. Models work for you but the fit is really important. It can happen that the apparel doesn’t fit the model properly so in that case, you have to look for an alternative. But when it comes to mannequin, you can use pins or clips to improve the fit. Buy the average sized mannequin and style it according to the apparel sizes.

Branding Matters

Just because the mannequins cannot talk or see, you cannot use the same for every product. If your website sells bohemian products, you should buy vintage mannequins to reinforce your brand reputation. Having the different mannequins for different range of products attracts the customers better. Since every business owner has his own requirements and style, you can choose 3d mannequin technique if suitable. You might have seen the products worn by someone but that someone is invisible and this is what we call 3d technique or invisible mannequin.

An invisible mannequin is quite an impressive technique which is a combination of three or more images. First of all, the product is photographed normally and then repositioned in a way that was covered by the mannequin is photographer later on. Lastly, the photos are combined into a single image to complete the method.


Well, ghost mannequins are cost effective and beneficial; they are used by many companies and big brands. On the contrary, models are also good but not everyone can afford hiring them. To achieve success in limited budget, mannequins are perfect and also they look highly professional and sophisticated.

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